Meditation deepens the breathing, relaxes tense muscles, reduces anxiety, relieves pain, helps you to recover from stress. Practicing regularly brings greater clarity, a sense of calm and peace of mind, it can lower blood pressure, decrease the heart rate and reduce cholesterol. 

So why don’t more people do it? Probably because we live in a stressful, busy world where we are used to seeing instant results, meditation takes time to practice and has gradual results, which is why a diary is a really useful tool.

A meditation diary can be a great way to follow your journey, noting down the positives and negatives, seeing how meditation has helped you and keeping you motivated to continue on your meditation journey. Some day’s meditation will seem challenging, you may be restless, thoughts seem to keep jumping around, your body aches and you can’t settle. But after your practice, you may find a kind of inner stillness, you may be able to deal with problems with patience and understanding instead of frustration, perhaps your day just flows instead of being filled with problems. There is no right or wrong, the best thing to do, is just notice the results, don’t have any expectations and just see where your meditation takes you, you could be on the start of a beautiful journey to somewhere very special, so enjoy!

The benefits of keeping a meditation diary or journal

  • Witness the ups and downs – good and bad days
  • Face resistance – allowing it to dissolve
  • Acknowledge change – see the flow of everything changing moment to moment

Only by keeping a note of your development will you be able to see the positive steps you have taken towards your inner happiness.