A journey of the heart – with Daizan

A journey of the heart - with Julian Daizan Skinner Daizan is a Rinzai Zen Master who trained in Japan, before returning to the UK and going on walking pilgrimage, starting right here on the Isle of Wight. On the Summer Solstice we will be at St Catherines Lighthouse in Niton to sit in meditation as the sun rises. Then we will hold a day of Zen in Fishbourne, [...]

My gift to you

At this time last year, I decided to offer you some simple methods to improve wellbeing, through my '3 Simple Steps to Wellbeing' talks on Soundcloud. These offer you some easy ways to bring calm and clarity into your life and start to change your mindset, to bring some self care and positivity into your life, in gentle, easy ways. This was my gift to you, but I encourage you [...]

From Buddhism to Zen – A Journey

As Buddhism grew it spread from India into countries such as Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Koria, Japan and Tibet. With this growth, Buddhism began to separate into two groups – one way for those who wished to become monks and another way for the ordinary person. Both paths were called yanas or rafts – a way of carrying people to enlightenment. The way of the monks became known as [...]

Being mindful of anxiety

Being mindful of our anxiety, means paying attention to it, noticing it, without letting it take over. You can be aware of how it makes you feel, but you don't have to listen to, or believe that anxious voice within. My anxiety tells me I am lazy, useless and no good, that I am going to fail, that I am going to upset others, I am going to make things [...]

Simple Steps to Wellbeing

How do we look after our wellbeing when we feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed? We are often bombarded with ways to take care of ourselves, to be better, do better and feel better. But it seems too much, so I wanted to offer easy steps to take care of ourselves, to look after our wellbeing in simple yet effective ways. From gratitude to mindfulness to breathing techniques, there are [...]

Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Mindfulness is more than meditation - it's a way of life! You can learn a range of meditation and mindfulness methods to improve your wellbeing on the next 6-week course. Learning ways to feel better within and give yourself a toolkit of methods to use in your every day life. - Give yourself an hour a week and 30 minutes a day to listen within- Find the space you need [...]

What is a Koan?

A koan is a word, phrase or story used in Zen practice to bring about an awakening. Contemplating the question or phrase, given to you by your teacher, leads you beyond the dualistic mind to a sense of completeness. On the 8-week 'Mindfulness for Insight' course, we introduce you to koan practice, by encouraging you to sit in meditation asking the question "Who am I?" You simply sit, being aware [...]

Mindful Movement

Mindful movement or meditation in action is the perfect transition between sitting meditation and daily life. It helps us start to bring our meditation practice with us into our day and into our activities. Moving, stretching, breathing, being aware of each motion, each breath, staying aware and focussed as we take it slowly and mindfully. Just allow thoughts and emotions to come and go as we focus on our body [...]

What is Zen Taiso?

Zen means 'meditation' and Taiso is Japanese for 'exercise', so Zen Taiso is a way of practicing 'moving meditation' or 'mindful movement'. Taiso is often practiced in Zen temples, as part of their daily exercise, as it helps to prepare the body for sitting meditation. Methods may include Zen Yoga, breathing into the hara and movements for the meridian lines in the body, allowing energy to flow. Taiso can be practiced [...]

Mantra’s in meditation

The word mantra means ‘mind protection’, used in a similar way to an affirmation, it uses repeated sounds to bring the mind into balance. Mantra's can aid deeper states of meditation, they can be spoken, chanted or said quietly in your mind. Matching your mantra to your breath – breathing in, pause, breathing out, means that your mantra can be practiced in meditation as well as while you walk, wait [...]

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