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Create Harmony offers a range of different methods to help you deal with stress.

Based on the Isle of wight we can allow you to feel calm, relaxed and connected.
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Classes I run

Enjoy a yoga class that is more than just physical activity, relax your body, calm the mind and bring clarity and focus to your thoughts and feelings. Learn More
Learn relaxation techniques in a calming and supportive atmosphere, experience the peace and tranquility of a deeply relaxed state of body and mind.Learn More
Meditation is about focussing your attention on one thing at a time, staying in the present moment and being aware of any task, thought, emotion, object or sound.Learn More
Enjoy a hands-on healing treatment that will help you to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, release physical tension and assist the body’s natural healing process.Learn More
Mindfulness is awareness and kindness, accepting thoughts, sensations and emotions just as they are, not trying to change anything, avoid things or hold on to anything. Learn More

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