The Zen Compassion Plus meditations have been taught to me by my teacher and Zen Master Daizan. They were passed down to our Rinzai Zen tradition by Zen Master Torei who taught the ‘Shimuryo Zammai’ practices – the four limitless meditations, as he felt they were helpful in creating a foundation for mental and psychological wellbeing.

These practices offer a kinder and more compassionate way to live in the world, to be more loving, joyful, peaceful and compassionate towards ourselves and others. They provide a remedy for the negative and unhelpful emotions of anger, loneliness, loss, sadness, jealousy, apathy and more.

This is your opportunity to develop more positive and helpful feelings towards yourself and the world around you, at a time when we need these positive qualities the most. You can learn to be kinder and more compassionate towards yourself, find joy, peace and equanimity right inside and start to share that in a boundless, limitless way.

These are important and much needed qualities to bring into the world, to live from a place of the ‘four heavenly abodes’, to experience heaven in the here and now and to smooth your spiritual path towards liberation.

They are best suited to those who already have a meditation practice, as those with a regular practice will have already developed a level of concentration and focus that is needed for these methods. However if you are keen to practice and are willing to commit to the course and do your best to follow the practices, then you may still join in.

I am offering this as a 5-week course:

  • Week 1 – Introduction to the practices and how to send them out to all beings boundlessly
  • Week 2 – Ji – loving kindness – the heart of the practice, kindness, friendship and love for all beings
  • Week 3 – Jihi – Compassion – developing compassion for self and for every living being
  • Week 4 – Ki – Sympathetic Joy – finding joy and rejoicing in the wellbeing and flourishing of all
  • Week 5 – Sha – Peace and Equanimity – wishing unshakeable peace and equanimity for every being

This 5-week course will run from 21 Feb – 20 March 12.15 – 1.15pm, you may also like to attend the complimentary Zen & Buddhist Meditation workshops:

  • Living from the heart – Saturday 20 January 10.30am – 12pm
  • Finding peace and equanimity – Saturday 17 February 10.30am – 12pm
  • Complete compassion practice – Saturday 23 March 10.30am – 12pm

To see the latest dates visit my ‘book a class‘ page or take a look at my ‘online learning’ page, where you can do this course online, for any queries please email Anne at or complete the form below.