Zen Yoga

Zen Yoga combines three elements: mindfulness, physical alignment and the flow of energy in the body.

A Zen Yoga class combines Hatha Yoga with Zen practice, using mindfulness to increase your awareness of your body, mind and breath, along with gentle movements that allow the internal energy to flow. We practice postures, meditation, breathing and hand mudra’s which open the meridians in the body to improve health and wellbeing. There is a combination of movement to warm the body and relaxing and gentle postures to help you unwind, finishing with deep relaxation. The aim is to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and connected.

Here is a short practice of movements to help you stretch and relax, a simple practice that you can do at home:

The same movements can be adapted and practiced sitting in a chair.

Please be careful when taking part in any form of exercise, if you are unsure, please consult a health professional.