‘Inspired by love’ is my new Substack page, which is a writers platform that I joined to feel uplifted by writers who fill my heart and help me feel more connected, more peaceful, more loving.

But then I started to share my thoughts on loving-kindness, how to live from the heart and radiate love out into the world. It’s become a place dedicated to love, kindness, compassion and positive qualities, so I really hope you will pay a visit and enjoy reading words ‘inspired by love’.


This inspiration continued as I returned to my Teemill store, created in 2020, to encourage you to look for the positives in your day and to use sustainable t-shirts, jumpers and hoodies as little reminders.

The lotus design is inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s term “No Mud, No Lotus” – a reminder that we can transform suffering into joy and grow a lotus of happiness from life’s challenges.

The new ‘inspired by love’ design comes from the practice of metta or loving-kindness, this encourages us to develop a kindness within that we can share with the world. It’s a beautiful practice and one of the four divine meditations taught on the Zen Compassion course.