If you find you are having a really stressful and busy day, why not use your break time to have some proper time out! Time not just away from your work, but away from your busy mind. The chances are that most of the time, you go and make a drink and drink it while doing other tasks and thinking about many different things. You don’t even notice that you’ve drunk it. So why not be fully aware of your drink instead of your thoughts or the tasks you have to do. Whatever drink you have whether it’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a cold drink, start by being really aware of the glass or mug you are using, how does it feel, are there any colours or patterns, is it delicate or strong? What about the drink is it making the cup hot or cold, notice the temperature on your skin. Does it smell refreshing, sweet or strong, begin to taste it, really enjoy how it feels in your mouth. If it’s a hot day there is nothing like a cold refreshing drink to cool you down. What about a cold day, being wrapped up warm with a hot chocolate is just fantastic, savour those moments. Feel the drink and follow it’s journey into your body, down past the throat into the stomach, you can even allow yourself a little sigh at the end of your sip. How great do you feel now? You could even continue, by allowing your body to release any tension each time you take a sip, now you are really beginning to let go in both body and mind. What a great way to spend your tea break, fully focussed on your drink and totally in the present moment.