Zen Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight is an 8 week course looking at dealing with stress, physical and emotional pain as well as boosting vitality and energy through breathing and movement.

This course allows you to create or deepen your practice, learn more about Zen, energy and grounding. We will look at the stages of insight and moving meditations, so that we can take our practice into our everyday life. The meditations allow you to journey inwards to discover your true nature and gain personal insights allowing you to feel happier within yourself.

During the course we will cover:

• Mindfulness of the breath meditation
• What is stress?
• Fusho, unborn mind meditation
• The mental & physical benefits of meditation
• Koan Meditation
• Mindful Movement & Walking meditation
• Healing with soft ointment meditation
• Elevated function of body and mind
• Cultivating guts – Building your Hara Meditation
• Stages of insight
• Energising your legs Meditation
• Naitan – Energy transformation Meditation
• Changing your life

Over 8 weeks you will develop a wonderful set of skills to enable you to create your own personal practice and be able to bring mindfulness into your everyday life for continuous and lasting positive effects.

Sunday 10 May – 28 June – 10am – 11.30am – special offer price £80!
Contact Anne to book: createharmonyiow@gmail.com 07813918950