How do we look after our wellbeing when we feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed?

We are often bombarded with ways to take care of ourselves, to be better, do better and feel better.

But it seems too much, so I wanted to offer easy steps to take care of ourselves, to look after our wellbeing in simple yet effective ways.

From gratitude to mindfulness to breathing techniques, there are plenty of ways to take simple steps to feel better within.

These simple steps build up to create new positive habits, helping us replace negative thinking and move towards a healthier way of being.

Thich Nhat Hanh calls this type of practice ‘planting healthy seeds’, he states that “If we plant wholesome, healthy, refreshing seeds, they will take care of the negative seeds, even without our asking them… If we have a strong storehouse of healthy seeds, we can invite several of them to come up and help us.”

The idea here is that if we practice taking care of ourselves, using healthy methods to improve our wellbeing, we are more easily able to cope when challenges arise.

This is why I am sharing these simple ideas, to help you plant those healthy seeds, so you can take better care of yourself.

You can listen to my ‘3 Simple Steps to Wellbeing’ talks by visiting the Listen With page on my website, via my Ko-Fi page or through Soundcloud, where you will also find some guided meditations and zen stories.

You can also see free videos on simple ways to be mindful below, as well as on my YouTube channel.

Give yourself the gift of a few moments a day to take care of yourself.

Mindfulness of the body – through the sense of touch

Mindfulness of the breath – to release stress