Mindfulness is more than meditation – it’s a way of life!

You can learn a range of meditation and mindfulness methods to improve your wellbeing on the next 6-week course.

Learning ways to feel better within and give yourself a toolkit of methods to use in your every day life.

– Give yourself an hour a week and 30 minutes a day to listen within
– Find the space you need to free yourself from your thoughts
– Relax your body so you can feel more at ease
– Build inner resilience so you can cope better with challenges
– Learn methods for dealing with stress, pain and anxiety
– Reconnect, nurture and look after yourself
– Change your mindset, become more aware, focussed and settled

You will need to bring a notebook and pen to use as your meditation diary and practice guided meditations and mindfulness methods at home throughout the course.

You will be provided with handouts to guide you through your practice and given support along the way. The more you practice in your own time, the more benefits you will gain.

I have managed to reduce costs to bring you the chance to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to make a big difference in your life.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing – 6-week course

Monday 6pm – 7pm / 7 Sept – 12 Oct / £66

The Studio, Ryde Chiropractic & Complementary Therapies

*All the practices are rooted in the centuries-old Zen tradition passed down to me by Zen Master Daizan from Zenways, you can follow the practices and learn more about these techniques in his book Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness.*