Change happens all the time, but when big or sudden changes happen we may find it a challenge. Like many others I find it difficult to deal with change, my emotions are up and down, I don’t feel settled or relaxed and I start to feel stressed. This is all perfectly normal and it’s OK to feel that way, however mindfulness can offer you some techniques to help you adapt.

For those living with anxiety it is often hard enough to cope each day, even when everything stays the same, but when unexpected change happens, panic can set in. Even if you don’t live with anxiety on a daily basis, any number of sudden changes can trigger feelings of stress and panic. Small changes can bring on stressful feelings, but bigger changes can be overwhelming. Many changes are out of our control and it is this feeling of being out of control that we don’t like, fear and worry start to set in and we don’t know how we will cope.

Mindfulness if practiced regularly can really help, instead of focusing on all the fear and worry, we can start to notice the positive aspects of change.

When my car kept breaking down, I was annoyed, frustrated and worried, getting the bus meant that I was always late for work, a 20 minute journey in a car turned into two hours on the bus, however I started to look for the positives, I enjoyed the extra walking, listening to the birds singing and watching the world go by. I was also very grateful on the days when I got a lift and was touched by the kindness of others.

Only by being mindful can you start to notice the hidden benefits, this doesn’t mean we don’t feel the stress and worry, it just means you are able to balance things out with some positive feelings that help you cope better.

If we can start to feel grateful for all the things we have and focus less on the things we don’t have,  perhaps we will start to see the positive side to change that we only notice when we are mindful.

It’s OK to feel worried, anxious or fearful when change brings us challenges, but it’s also OK to notice the positive side to things and perhaps discover that change can be a blessing in disguise.