There are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of Mindfulness at the moment with many opportunities for you to join in, learn more and discover something new. If you are just discovering mindfulness and want to find out a little more, why not start by watching TV. I am lucky enough to have trained with some amazing people and one of those is Frances Trussell from Mindfully Happy, she is the Mindfulness Coach on ITV’s Sugar Free Farm, you can watch her in action on Tuesday 31 January at 9pm or read her blog How to Eat Mindfully.

For those of you who cannot attend an 8 week course in person Zenways is now offering an 8 week online Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing course, taught by my teacher, Zen Master Daizan, you will learn methods from the Zen tradition to help you manage your everyday life, deal with stress and pain, improve your concentration and boost your general health and wellbeing, see more on the Zenways website.

Daizan, Frances and Zenways Teacher Mark will all be at the Mindful Living Show 2-3 June in London. Daizan will be speaking on Sat 3rd June on the topic of “Zen Tales”, Mark will be speaking about “The Inner World to the Outer World of
Energy” on Fri 2nd June and Francis will be speaking on Sat 3rd June on “An Introduction to Mindfulness Practice”

On the Isle of Wight, I am currently offering a Developing Mindfulness course starting on Thursday 2 February, we will start this week with planting seeds of peace. Mindfulness helps us to become aware of our tendency to be negative, but if we water seeds of peace we can grow peace within ourselves.

I also offer monthly Zen half day retreats on a Sunday morning at the lovely Yinspire Yoga and I will be teaching some Mindfulness workshops as part of the Digital Detox weekend 6-7 May 2017, where you can take part in camp fires, yoga sessions or just relax, see Revive Island for more information.