Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for Insight
Thursday 6.00pm – 8.00pm – 7 Sept – 12 Oct – 6 weeks £90

This course allows you to create or deepen your practice, learn more about Zen, energy and grounding. We will look at the stages of insight and moving meditations, so that we can take our practice into our everyday life. The meditations allow you to journey inwards to discover your true nature allowing you to connect deeper with yourself. There are 8 different meditation methods which include:

Mindfulness of the breath
Fusho – unborn meditation
Koan question
Soft ointment meditation
Grounding and energy practices
Mindful Movement & Walking Meditation

This course requires full attendance in order to gain the most benefit, so there won’t be any opportunity to drop-in. You will be provided with handouts, folder, pen and diary to encourage you to practice every day at home during the course and you can order a CD or book to go with the course.

We will look at how to deal with stress, pain and anxiety using mindfulness and discuss ways to keep your practice going beyond the course.

Based on the Rinzai Zen Tradition and the 8 week Zen Meditation & Mindfulness courses taught to me by my teacher and Zen Master from Zenways.

To book contact Anne on 07813918950 or createharmonyiow@gmail.com or anne@createharmony.co.uk http://createharmony.co.uk/

All classes are held at Yinspire 2, Rowborough Manor, Beaper Shute. For directions please take alook at this link: