Mindful movement or meditation in action is the perfect transition between sitting meditation and daily life. It helps us start to bring our meditation practice with us into our day and into our activities.

Moving, stretching, breathing, being aware of each motion, each breath, staying aware and focussed as we take it slowly and mindfully. Just allow thoughts and emotions to come and go as we focus on our body and breath.

We can do this by taking a mindful walk, slowing down, feeling our footsteps, noticing our breath, just walking, enjoying.

We can try a set series of movements that allow us to flow with our breath, moving, stretching, opening the body, noticing the sensations, moving mindfully.

Any activity can be done mindfully, so whether we choose to practice yoga, qigong or pilates or go for a run, swim or cycle, our movements, if done with care and attention can be our meditation in action.

We can even just be aware while moving around the house, walking up and down the stairs, getting dressed, washing up, whatever you are doing, if you do it with full awareness, this can be your mindful movement.

Here I share some simple standing movements you can try:

These movements are based on the Hachi Danken or 8 silks, my version of qigong moves, taught to me as part of my mindfulness teacher training.