The Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for Energy & Grounding now replaces the planned Insight course offering people the chance to drop-in, learn some of the methods from the Insight course and look at how mindfulness can help with stress and challenging emotions.

Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for Energy & Grounding
Thursday 6.15pm – 7.30pm 7 September – 28 September £26 or £7 drop-in
Thursday 6.15pm – 7.30pm 23 November – 14 December £26 or £7 drop-in

This course combines meditation and mindfulness methods with Ki or Chi (energy) to clear and energize the body and mind. Methods will include:

  • Meditation energy practices
  • Ki – Flow Mindful Movement
  • Reconnecting to our true nature
  • Mindfulness for stress & challenging emotions

Based on the Rinzai Zen Tradition and the 8 week Zen Meditation & Mindfulness courses taught to me by my teacher and Zen Master from Zenways.

Bookings required – open to everyone – from beginners and those with more experience