Meditation can help you stay in the present moment, reduce those busy thoughts and calm the mind. This can help us deal with negative thoughts and emotions including self-doubt, fear, anxiety, anger or depression. Rather than giving yourself a hard time, you begin to treat yourself with acceptance and love. As you become aware of yourself you can start to feel calmer and happier and treat yourself with kindness.

Not only can we have a calmer mind through meditation, but we can also relax our body, if our mind is agitated, then we have tension in our body, but as soon as we start to settle our mind then our body relaxes, so we can reduce our stress levels in both our body and mind. Once you start to relax you feel lighter, happier and more balanced.

Once you feel happier, healthier, more relaxed and focussed and start to become kinder to yourself. This may lead to a deeper sense of love and gratitude. When we are stressed and busy, we focus more on our negative emotions and perhaps don’t feel a deeper sense of love, but through meditation we can feel calmer and more relaxed and we may develop deeper feelings of love for ourselves and others and perhaps a deeper spiritual connection or unconditional love. Fully balanced in mind, body and soul.