Hello body how are you today? Treat your body as an old friend and listen to it carefully, start your day with a simple question and your body and mind will thank you by feeling more relaxed, calmer and happier.

Start by sitting or laying quietly and bring your body to stillness. Once you have settled, say to yourself “Hello body, how are you today?” you may begin to feel tension or tightness in a particular area of the body. Take your awareness to that place (for example the shoulders) and say to them “Hello shoulders how are you today” you will feel a response and as you become aware of the feeling in that part of the body, you will start to relax. Now scan through the body asking each area how it is feeling. You can start at the head and work down or start at the toes and work up: “Hello toes, how are you today?”, Hello feet, how are you today?”, “Hello legs, how are you today?” etc. Don’t just say the words and rush to the next part of the body, stop and listen to the answer for each part, you may feel ok and feel quite happy in places, other parts may feel achey, tired or tight, listen carefully and relax each place. Your body and mind will feel so much happier just because you took time to listen.