Zen half day retreat

Practice methods of movement and meditation from the Rinzai Zen tradition to find your inner stillness, connect to the energy of the body, release and let go so that you can discover your true nature. […]

The 3 levels of Traditional Usui Reiki

I offer training in traditional Usui Reiki, which is more than a hands-on healing technique, it is a method of spiritual development that includes meditation and energy exercises to bring balance and harmony to the body mind and soul. […]

Meditation balances mind, body and soul

Meditation can help you stay in the present moment, reduce those busy thoughts and calm the mind. This can help us deal with negative thoughts and emotions including self-doubt, fear, anxiety, anger or depression. […]

Spring Ki-Energy Yoga Workshops

Ki is a Japanese word meaning “life force energy”. Every living thing contains this energy and we can tap into this life force to calm and heal ourselves. Using Ki is a fabulous way to restore our energy levels and bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and soul. […]

Wonderful Reiki…

Reiki is a wonderful way to help you move into a state of balance. Through Reiki training and with my Ki-Energy Flow workshops, you are taught energy exercises to allow you to heal on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. […]

Anjali Mudra, Prayer Pose or Gassho…

A mudra is a hand position or gesture that helps you to focus your attention and has a particular benefit or positive effect, for example; calming the body and mind or increasing energy levels within the body. […]

Yoga to Relax

Learn to relax the body and mind through gentle yoga stretches, progressive relaxation and body awareness. Along with calming breathing techniques, guided meditations and mindfulness. Classes are small and friendly, a group of 6 or 7, in a lovely relaxing environment. Great for beginners or those who feel stressed and wish to relax and unwind. […]

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