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My spiritual journey started when I discovered a local yoga class and through this I found new friends and developed a deeper interest in spirituality. I've been training for over 18 years in many disciplines, from Hatha Yoga to traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki to meditation, mindfulness and relaxation. I live on the sunny :) Isle of Wight, not far from the sea breezes and sandy beaches...

Day 89 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Sitting down to practice today was so much better after a good night’s sleep. I came and settled onto my bolster, relaxed, calm and happy, ready to start my Koan meditation. […]

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Day 88 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Today I was unable to practice my meditation as normal, but I managed to do it in other ways. I practice my meditation every night as well, so last night I sat on my bolster to practice and I had a sudden rush of anxiety and found it very difficult to stay there. I changed positions laying on the bed with my legs up the wall to help me feel more relaxed and continued from there. […]

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Day 87 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up at 6.30am hoping this would give me plenty of time, but my daughter was already up and as I don’t have a car today, I needed to be ready earlier than normal, even though time was limited I still managed to fit in my meditation practice. […]

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Day 86 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Waking up to a windy wet day, I opened the curtains and sat in a chair for my meditation practice, I still wanted to see outside even if I couldn’t sit out there today. The weather is a lot like our thoughts continuously changing and adapting. […]

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Day 85 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Another night full of dreams, waking up feeling sleepy, it looked like a nice morning and I almost went to sit outside, but in my sleepy state I didn’t feel like dragging out all my cushions and blankets, so I opened a window to let the outside in and sat on my bolster inside. […]

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Day 84 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up a bit later than normal, I was still in a dream like state to start with as I had been filled with dreams in the night. I made my tea, lit my candle and sat in a chair today. […]

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Day 83 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Waking up this morning I didn’t know where I was or what day it was, I had been dreaming about things which left me feeling worried, so I was all a little bit confused. I needed my morning cup of tea and the refreshing morning air to help wake me up. Setting up my bolsters and cushions outside, I sat ready for my meditation practice. […]

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Day 82 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Coming to sit this morning, I was full of aches, pains and tension, but I was hoping that by sitting for a while I would relax and let go of all of this. I lit my candle and sat on my bolster and started my meditation. […]

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Day 81 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up this morning, I chose to go outside as I didn’t have a quiet space indoors to practice. I took my bolster, cushions and blankets outside and sat behind a Japanese Maple, so that I couldn’t see the whole garden and get distracted by everything around me. […]

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Day 80 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Even though it was a lovely morning outside, I decided to stay indoors for my meditation practice, as I wanted to try kneeling over my bolster again and I felt like focussing on just myself and the question today. […]

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