Focussing on your breath is the first step to becoming more mindful. Just spend a few minutes watching the in and out of the breath – feeling the sensations in the body and the movement of the breath.

Taking time to observe your breath helps to slow down your thoughts and control your emotions, when you feel calmer, your body is less tense and you can feel healthier.

As you begin to become more aware you will start to observe a range of different things, for example you will start to notice where the tension is in your body, you may feel nervous, anxious or actually really relaxed. Whatever you are feeling, through mindfulness you will begin to notice how the body and mind are linked.

Once you have been practicing meditation for a while, it is even possible to be mindful when doing an activity such as walking or eating, just by taking time to be aware of the steps you are taking or the food you are eating, helps you slow down and appreciate what is around you.

Most people think that meditation is difficult or is out of their reach, however it is easier than you think. A calm state of mind is within our grasp we just have to look past the ordinary busy and active mind or to find our Buddha nature – the stillness within.