1-1 guidance

Traditional Usui Reiki – Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and it’s a method of connecting to the energy that surrounds us for healing and wellbeing.

Karuna Reiki – Karuna means compassionate action and this Reiki method enables me to deepen my practice and access another level of energy for healing treatments.

Reiki can help you to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, release physical tension and assist the body to heal itself.

Healing methods for wellbeing

You can receive a healing treatment as part of  a 1-1 package that will give you the tools to help yourself. This may include mindfulness to cope better with challenging emotions, yoga and relaxation to release tension in the body or even creativity to express your inner feelings.


Once you have spent some time developing practices for improving your health and wellbeing, you may like to learn traditional Usui Reiki to heal yourself and others, you can be attuned to Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Masters level.

Traditional Usui Reiki training, provides methods from the original Japanese teacher Dr Usui. During the training you will receive an attunement to open you up to feeling and sensing Reiki energy. You will have a thorough and full training day to ensure that you know the methods and you will be given a training manual providing all the information you need. Once the training is complete you will receive a certificate of achievement.

For more information on training in Reiki 1, 2 or Masters please contact Anne: anne@createharmony.co.uk or createharmonyiow@gmail.com