Meditation for peace, healing and reconnection – a simple meditation practice for all, that can be practiced any time, but why not start on the 11th November at 11am.

Light a candle for peace, wherever you are, at 11am, then spend 1 minute, 11 minutes or 22 minutes – as much time as you have – to draw in peace, healing and reconnection to your deep inner self to discover your soul purpose.

At 11am – spend 1 minute breathing in peace & breathing out peace.

At 11.11am – spend 10 minutes breathing in from above and below, drawing in healing energy, letting energy fill the body.

Until 11.22am – spend 10 minutes breathing into your heart space – reconnecting to your inner self – feel your truth within and connect to your soul purpose.

If you wish to add to your meditation you may like to sending healing light out to all who need it.

However long you have – Finish by feeling a deep sense gratitude and appreciation for the deep sense of peace, healing and reconnection to all that is.