This is an example of one of the exercises we did in a meditation workshop, have a go for yourself and come along and try meditation at one of my workshops soon.

Write down 5 wishes (5 relates to a 5 sides star) – this could be:
things you want to let go of
things you would like to have in your future,
thoughts to those you miss or
healing for people who need it.

Write down your 5 wishes and light your candle, spend some time gazing at your candle in meditation. To do this you stare gently at the blue part of the flame without blinking until your eyes tire, then close your eyes and follow the flame behind your closed eyes, when this disappears open your eyes and look at the flame again, keep going until you wish to stop. Notice any colours or images that arise and be thankful for all you have, blow your candle out in gratitude and return to relight your candle any time.