Zen yoga is a term that describes a variety of physical and energetic practices that can be found within the Zen Buddhist tradition.

In Japan there are many forms of movement that have been practiced for hundreds of years, influenced by the Chinese movement of Dao Yin, Japanese monks practiced similar forms of movement or exercise such as Do In, Zen Taiso and Do Zen.

Do Zen means moving meditation and is a form of movement and mindful awareness used by our teacher in Japan; Shinzan Roshi.

The term Zen Yoga was first used by Zen Master Masahiro Oki and this form of movement combines three elements: mindfulness, physical alignment and the flow of energy in the body.

Mindfulness helps us to become fully aware of our body, so that we can bring a non-judgemental and kind approach to ourselves and our practice, gradually unlocking those tight areas, so we can feel healthier and more at ease.

If we have correct alignment in our yoga postures then energy or ‘Ki’ can flow more easily. By opening our energy channels or ‘Myaku’ we can improve our health, wellbeing and emotional state and find an inner feeling of oneness.

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