I’ve started my Reiki master classes (1st, 2nd and master levels). If you are interested in a one-to-one session, or would like to find out more about Reiki please get in contact – 07813 918950|anne@createharmony.co.uk


Anyone interested in natural therapies, self-healing, spirituality, meditation and relaxation. Those who wish to do Reiki 1st Degree Training for self-healing and spiritual development.


Reiki is a gentle therapy that helps people to relax, cope better with stress, increase energy levels and eliminate unwanted toxins. It is not only a hands on healing method for self healing and the healing of others, it develops your spirituality giving you the ability to heal your body and mind for a deeper understanding of yourself. Following the introduction, which focuses on the history and background of Reiki, feeling energy and simple meditations. Reiki 1st Degree training will continue with assisting students in opening up to the energy, working with chakra’s, the aura and Ki (energy) and how to use it for self healing and spiritual development. Students will receive a certificate showing they have achieved the first level in Reiki – First Degree Reiki for spiritual development, self-healing, and the healing of friends and family.


You will learn through practical demonstrations, personal practice of energy exercises and meditations, discussions and presentations using flip chart and handouts. You will learn to work with Reiki for healing and spiritual development. Connect with Reiki energy through practical execercises and meditation Receive an attunement or blessing to open you up to working with Ki (energy) Discover how to work with Ki (energy), chakra’s and the aura Learn simple techniques to guide you as you work with Ki. Learn how to heal yourself and others using Reiki techniques. Be able to practice the technqiues learnt in your own time


Reiki 2nd Degree Training, Yoga and Relaxation Classes, Meditation classes