Enjoy a yoga class that is more than just physical activity – seeking to calm the mind and bring clarity and focus to our thoughts and feelings. Practice yoga postures along with mudras, pranayama and awareness techniques to benefit the entire being.

Zen Yoga combines Hatha Yoga with Zen practice, using mindfulness to increase your awareness of your body, mind and breath, along with gentle movements that allow the internal energy to flow. These gentle Zen inspired classes aim to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and connected.

Current offering:


  • Zen at Ten – 10am – 10.40am – at home via Zoom

10 minutes of movement to encourage daily practice at home
A short story, so you can sit and relax after the movement and time to contemplate, to allow the body and mind the settle.

Donations to https://ko-fi.com/createharmony

Classes and Workshops


  • Zen Yoga – 10am – 11.30am –  Yinspire, Brading

Hatha Yoga and Zen practice, where we use mindfulness, physical alignment and gentle movement to allow the energy to flow in the body.


  • Mindful Zen yoga– 1.15pm – 2.15pm – Ryde Chiropractic

A very gentle one hour class, for those that like to take things a little slower and easier, using meditation and energy based practices to balance body, mind and breath.


  • Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop 10.30am – 12pm – Yinspire, Rowborough Manor

A workshop for relaxing and unwinding. Release tension in the body through gentle yoga postures and calm the mind with mindfulness meditation methods.

To book please send an email to createharmonyiow@gmail.com or message me via my contact me page: http://createharmony.co.uk/?page_id=54

If you are interested in Yoga classes please also see: https://www.yinspire.co.uk/