Calming our inner fear

The most terrifying thing I have ever done, is not something that most people would think of as terrifying, it’s simply facing the parts of me that scare me, the bits of me that bring up fear, vulnerability, panic, terror in everyday life.

If I move away from my safe space, home, loved ones or my
known comfort zone, fear sets in and my body reacts as if something terrible is
going […]

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Grounding and connecting for wellbeing

Grounding is a way to stay focused on the body and the present moment rather than allowing your mind to race from one thought to another. […]

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Feeling calmer with mindfulness of the breath

When you first start to meditate you may notice how the mind darts from one thing to another, like a distracted dog on the beach  […]

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Practicing the body scan meditation

Doing a short body scan meditation at the start of a meditation, yoga or relaxation session is a great way to bring the mind to the present moment, focussing on the here and now. It brings our awareness to the body and allows the tension to gradually release letting us relax and let go. […]

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Postive thinking

What are you grateful for? When you are bogged down with negative feelings or emotions, it is hard feel positive. However trying to see behind those feelings to the positive things in your life, can really help you work through those challenging emotions. […]

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Listening to your body

Hello body how are you today? Treat your body as an old friend and listen to it carefully, start your day with a simple question and your body and mind will thank you by feeling more relaxed, calmer and happier. […]

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Meditation balances mind, body and soul

Meditation can help you stay in the present moment, reduce those busy thoughts and calm the mind. This can help us deal with negative thoughts and emotions including self-doubt, fear, anxiety, anger or depression. […]

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Bolsters and Eye Pillows for Relaxation

You can now buy your own yoga bolster and lavender eye pillow for deep relaxation. […]

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Coping with anxiety

In my experience anxiety or worry over an event or situation is very different to suffering from a permanent state of anxiety. To suffer from anxiety is to feel in a constant state of fear, a bit like the feeling when someone makes you jump and your stomach jumps up to your throat, except that this feeling doesn’t go away, but stays in the body making you feel on edge all of the time. […]

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Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness

Meditation, Relaxation and Mindfulness all need our full awareness to be successful, so how to they differ? […]

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