Zen Buddhist Meditation

Zen Buddhist meditation practice, connecting with Buddhist holidays such Rohatsu, Bodhi Day and Nirvana Day, discussing different aspects of Buddhist teaching and sharing experiences. We will practice the following methods from the Rinzai Zen tradition:

  • Zazen (sitting meditation) practices
  • Kinhin (walking meditation)
  • Dharma talk (short discussion on Buddhist teachings)

Zen mini retreats

Practice methods of movement and meditation from the Rinzai Zen tradition to find your inner stillness, connect to the energy of the body, release and let go so that you can discover your true nature. It will include:

  • Zazen (sitting meditation) practices
  • Kinhin (walking meditation)
  • Hachi Danken (Qigong) & Mindful Movement

It will be broken up into short practices to allow everything to flow and finish with a mindful activity such as tea drinking, poetry or drawing.

Zen and energy flow practices – Qigong, Reiki and Yoga

A workshop combining energy based meditation and mindfulness practices, Ki-Flow Yoga (simple easy movements), Qigong and Reiki methods to help you to connect with your Ki to feel and sense the energy flow in your body and prepare you for Reiki healing or just bring balance and harmony to body and mind.

Upcoming sessions


Friday 11.30am: Meditation – deepening your practice – Monthly

Saturday / Sunday from 10.30am: Zen mini retreats – Monthly

See the timetable page for full list of classes, times and dates:

Other Workshops include:

Meditation – guided meditations which include breath awareness, visualisations and connecting with your inner self. Meditation workshops include healing meditations, connecting with the divine, Summer Solstice, Lammas and Autumn Equinox.

Relaxation – gentle stretches that release tension in the body, along with simple meditations, breathing exercises and deep relaxation practice. Perfect to help you unwind, relax and let go.

Reiki shares & Ki – Energy Flow workshops – combining the energy exercises of Reiki with Yoga and Meditation to bring you a whole new experience, that will help you to restore your energy levels and deepen your connection to Reiki.

Mindful Movement for Energy and Insight – Connect with Ki- energy to bring balance and harmony to body, mind and soul. Learn methods that can deepen your meditation practice leaving you feeling energised yet relaxed. Go within and find a deeper sense of self, a place that is peaceful, quiet and relaxed and yet uplifted and at one with the world.