Zen mini retreats

Two hour workshops exploring mindful movement and meditation from the Zen tradition, connecting to your inner stillness and our internal Ki energy to bring healing, balance and harmony to body and mind.

We practice a range of methods that are broken up into short practices of sitting, laying, walking and stretching mindfully:

Zazen (sitting meditation)
Kinhin (walking meditation)
Hachi Danken (qigong)
Taiso & Zen Yoga (mindful movement)

Mindfulness Workshops

Workshops introducing you to mindfulness methods that help to improve your wellbeing calm your mind and relax your body.

Upcoming sessions

  • Zen mini retreats

Sun 8 March – Bodhisattva’s – compassion and kindness
Sun 5 April – Developing Insight
Sun 3 May – Nurturing our True Nature
Sun 7 June – Finding our Inner Light
Sun 5 July – Deepening our connection

10.30am – 12.30pm at Yinspire, Rowborough £12 per workshop

To book please email Anne with your contact details

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  • Mindfulness Workshops

Sat 28 March – Mindfulness for Wellbeing Workshop

Sat 25 April – Mindfulness for Insight Workshop

Sat 16 May – Yoga & Mindfulness Workshop

10.30am – 12pm at Yinspire, Rowborough £9.50 per workshop

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