What is meditation?
Meditation could be described as mindfulness or awareness: being relaxed but focussed and aware on what you are doing right now.

Whenever you act with awareness you are also meditating. There are different methods such as breath control or candle gazing, however you can also be walking or listening to music and still be meditating. Whatever activity you take part in where your mind is free from other thoughts is meditation.

Meditation teaches you to stay in the present moment, returning your thoughts to a focus point, rather than letting it dash around untamed. A good place to start is with the breath, focussing your attention here helps you develop concentration and calm the mind.
Meditation also gives you the chance to sit calmly and relax the mind and body. By focusing the mind on a candle or visualisation for example you can free your mind of busy thoughts, which helps to rest the brain and reduce stress. Meditation reduces the heart rate and gives the body a chance to revive. Continued practice can lead to a different view on life, bringing happiness, harmony and inner peace.