When performing Yoga movements, what would pain indicate?

If you haven’t practiced yoga or taken part in any exercise for some time then it is natural to feel slightly stiff, tight or awkward during a yoga class. However this should improve with practice and the postures become easier as you work on your flexibility. You may find that you are more flexible in some poses than others, but those areas that are less flexible can gently be worked on to slowly improve over time.

Even if you feel some resistance to the poses, there should definitely not be any pain in the body, so you shouldn’t force, strain or push yourself into postures. It is ok to take your time flow gracefully into each pose and only go as far as your body feels able to go. If pain is experienced then it is likely you have pushed your body too hard and the muscles have been stretched further than they should be, this could result in injury or damage to the muscle fibre.

Everyone practicing yoga should only go as far as they feel physically comfortable; pushing beyond this limit may cause injury.
With continued yoga practice you will begin to become more aware of your body, noticing where things feel comfortable or if there is any strain.