What benefits are there to meditation?
Various studies have proved that meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol levels and improves your overall health. Studies have also shown meditation to have, reduced psoriasis – a skin condition that can worsen with stress and also relieve pain. And if that is not impressive enough we can even get the same boost from meditation that we get from chocolate! The active ingredient in chocolate – phenylalanine enhances production of neurotransmitters that keep us happy. Well meditation can also boost the body’s natural concentrations of phenylalanine – so we can be happy without the extra calories!

• Decreased heart rate
• Lower blood pressure
• Quicker recovery from stress and reduction of anxiety
• Boosts the immune system
• Increased Alpha brainwaves (the calming brainwaves)
• A balance between left and right brain activity
• Reduced cholesterol
• Deeper slower breathing
• Muscle relaxation
• Pain is less intense
• More happiness and peace of mind
• Fewer negative emotions and mood swings
• More empathy and understanding of self and others