Day 77 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up at 6am, the house was quiet, the sun was out and I was looking forward to a peaceful meditation practice outdoors. However my body and mind had other ideas! […]

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Day 76 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up this morning, I looked outside and saw it was grey, but I went outside anyway, somehow just stepping outdoors into the fresh morning air, I feel calmer and happier. Sitting for a while watching the sights and sounds of nature, I felt peaceful just sitting. […]

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Day 75 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up this morning after a better night’s sleep and feeling so much better than I had yesterday, I came and sat in the garden with my cup of tea and enjoyed a few moments of seeing the sun brighten the sky, feeling the lovely warm of my tea and enjoying the beauty of the garden. […]

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Day 74 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up late this morning after not sleeping well, I went outside into the sunny garden and immediately felt better, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, everything was bright. Feeling the warmth of the sun relaxing me as I settled into my Koan meditation. […]

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Day 73 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

It was another bright beautiful morning and I felt so pleased to be able to go in the garden again to day. Sitting down to practice, I spent a few moments looking at the wonderful colours, sights and sounds around me. […]

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Day 72 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Waking up early with thoughts and worries on my mind and the feelings of nervousness and anxiety, I went outside with my blanket and felt relieved that it was a beautiful morning and I was able to practice outside again. […]

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Day 71 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I felt very tired this morning and didn’t want to get up, looking outside it was a windy wet day, so I went and sat on my bolster in my room. It is the first time in a while that I have been able to sit kneeling over my bolster, so I felt relieved I could do it. […]

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Day 70 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I woke up very early, still with some aches and pains, so I chose to practice the body scan meditation before even getting up, taking my awareness to each part of the body, being aware of how it felt. […]

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Day 69 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I slept in today after finally getting some relief from the pain I have been experiencing, so I got up later than usual. I knew that if I practiced inside, it wouldn’t be long before someone got up and interrupted me, so I went and sat outside. […]

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Day 68 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up extremely early this morning as I was unable to sleep due to the pain in my leg. I had a chiropractic treatment yesterday, so my body is feeling a bit delicate. Coming to sit in a chair, with lots of cushions for support, I lit my candle and settled down to practice. […]

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