Getting up this morning I felt excited that it was day 100 and I was pleased to see that it was a nice day, so I happily gathered my bolsters and blankets, made my cup of tea and went and sat outside.

Feeling blessed that my last day of my 100 days was sunny, beautiful and warm, sitting watching the creatures in the garden, listening to the sounds of the birds and looking at the beautiful flowers, I felt pretty good already. For the first few minutes I drank my tea, noticed the garden and smiled to myself, before settling into my practice, closing my eyes and waited to see what would happen, expecting to just notice my breath, body, thoughts or what was going on around. But almost as soon as I closed my eyes, I felt a deep connection to the universe and a rush of energy and light flowing down through the crown of my head, I felt like I was connected to some external force and this energy and light started to flow down into my chest filling the centre of my chest with light. This feeling continued to flow down into my belly filling my Hara with energy and light, eventually I could feel this deep strong flow of energy filling my whole body, flowing down into my arms and legs, still feeling this very strong deep connection to something way above my head.

Part of me felt like this must be my imagination and that I needed to focus on my meditation practice, but this connection to something beyond me and the strong sense of energy continued, a part of me was a little scared and tried to notice my body or my thoughts, but actually my body was deeply relaxed and there were no thoughts distracting me today, just the ones connected to this strange feeling. So instead of pushing it all away I embraced whatever was coming up, letting the energy flow, filling my body, relaxing my mind and accepting the moment. Feeling lifted and separate from my usual every day self, I felt amazing, filled with light, filled with peace, filled with a deep sense of connection to all that is. I sat embracing all of this, not wanted to come out, I was still aware of the sounds around me and the feeling of my body resting in the garden, but I just felt very lifted and free.

The thing that brought me back was needing to sneeze, coming back opening my eyes, I was surprised to see that the sun had gone behind the clouds, with all the light I had seen inside my mind, I thought it was a very bright sunny day. Looking around me I still felt lifted, light and free and I still didn’t want to come back into the world, so I spent a few more minutes just sitting in peace, resting in the garden. I felt just like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, feeling that I had been in the dark and now I was emerging into the light, opening my wings and tasting freedom. I felt really pleased that I finished my 100 days with a positive experience on a beautiful morning. I now feel that I am just starting out on a new journey ahead and that this 100 days has been preparing me for something else and there is something more to explore, discover and find.

Over the last 100 days I have dealt with pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, challenging thoughts and emotions, as well as experiencing amazing moments of peace, tranquility, energy and light. I have got to know myself a lot better, accepted with kindness the changing moments and overcome difficult times much quicker than I would have before. I have been practicing meditation for years, but never in such a constant way with one particular meditation practice. I have now been practicing Zen Meditation & Mindfulness for 170 days all together and I plan to continue to keep developing and learning from my daily practice, trying different methods, getting creative and writing a daily gratitude journal.