Getting up at 6am I felt tired and sleepy, not really wishing to get up, taking a look outside it was grey, so I lit my candle and settled down to practice Fusho meditation indoors.

I thought that as I felt sleepy I could do my practice then slip back into bed for a bit more sleep. However when I came to sit I found that my meditation practice made be more aware and alert. I noticed some aches and tension in my body, so I just moved and stretched a little to reduce the tension. I noticed my breath moving in and out, breathing deeply into my belly without any effort, sometimes feeling that my breath filled my whole body, expanding and relaxing with each breath. Many thoughts also filled my mind and part of me wished to be outside in the cool, fresh morning air, seeing the beautiful garden and hearing the sounds of nature. I realised that by wishing to be somewhere else, I wasn’t embracing the present moment, so I returned to feeling into my body, noticing how it felt resting down in to the floor, I could hear the sounds of the birds and traffic going by and I accepted that practicing inside meant that the focus was just on me in this moment, rather than looking at anything outside of myself. Many thoughts kept filling my mind, so I just accepted anything that came up, appreciating being able to sit in silent meditation.

As I came to the end of my Fusho meditation, I felt alert and awake and I still felt the need to go outside, so I went mindfully down the stairs and stood outside to start my Naikan practice. Gathering energy from all around and bringing it down into the Hara (belly) and the legs, it was great to feel the cool morning air, but I was pleased I hadn’t sat outside as it was a bit chilly. After 21 breaths bringing energy into my body, I came back inside, laid down and continued with the Naikan practice in laying. Feeling energised and yet relaxed I lay with my hands resting on my body enjoying the feeling of peace within. With my hands resting down and the energy practice, Reiki naturally flowed and I rested feeling the warm energy from my hands flow into my body. Ahh the peace, calm, tranquility, warmth and energy, feeling wonderful I didn’t want to come out and enter the world, but slowly I moved and stretched coming out feeling calm and relaxed ready for another day.