Getting up at 6am, it wasn’t a particularly bright day, it was cloudy and grey so I almost stayed indoors, but when I opened the door to look outside, the fresh morning air seemed to invite me outdoors. Taking my bolster, tea and blankets I sat down and looked at the colourful flowers in the garden.

For a while I just sat taking in the view, sipping my tea and feeling quite peaceful, as I came to practice my Fusho meditation, I realised that by sitting, looking, drinking and just being I had already been practicing Fusho meditation. So I continued in this way, sometimes sitting with my eyes open and noticing things around me and other times sitting with my eyes closed noticing what was within. When I closed my eyes I listened to the sounds I could hear – bee’s buzzing, birds singing, the gentle warm breeze in the trees, but I also noticed the absence of sounds – there were no traffic noises, no people talking or dogs barking, realising this, I became aware of how peaceful it was and how lovely it was just to hear the sounds of nature.

This realisation of the lack or absence of things led me to notice the absence of pain in body, the absence of anxiety and the reduced sensations in the body and because of this I could really appreciate the softness of my body and the feelings of peacefulness within. Only by experiencing pain, anxiety and difficult emotions with open awareness can we then notice when they are not there and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the freedom from those feelings.

I hoped I could apply this to my thoughts as well. Many thoughts came and went in my mind, but as soon as I noticed a thought, I told myself “Its only a thought” and without needing to hold on to it, get involved with it or acting on it, I could let it go. I watched and noticed to see if a space would come up where I had no thoughts, but thoughts kept coming, I did feel at one point that with my awareness on my thoughts a light was turned on and as soon as thoughts appeared they would be highlighted in the light and then fade away. I soon found that although I still had thoughts, there were far less, leaving more space in my mind. I felt like this meditation practice had created space, openness and freedom within, just by being aware of the present moment and feeling with deep gratitude how in this moment I am free from pain, anxiety and challenging emotions, in this moment there is space in my mind and in this moment I deeply appreciate this space outside and the peace and tranquility that I have found.