A bit of a wet morning, so I came and sat in a chair inside, supported by cushions, getting comfortable and starting my Fusho meditation practice.

Fusho meditation is also known as Shikan taza, which means “nothing but sitting” or Moku Sho which means “silent reflection”, there is no particular focus, we just sit noticing anything that comes and goes, not holding on to anything, just being as we are. Today my silent reflection was very fast paced, many thoughts, images, sensations, emotions and feelings came up and moved away. Sometimes I was aware of my breathing, feeling the breath in my body moving in and out, rising and falling, feeling the breath fill my body and relax. Other times I was very aware of my thoughts, past, present and future thoughts all flowing in and out of my mind. I also noticed images coming up even feeling at one point that a large creepy crawly was running up and over my body, a strange image and sensation, but this also went, so I didn’t need to worry.

At times I was very aware of my body, feeling my feet pressing into the floor, feeling light and floating or feeling warm and heavy, aware of aches and tension, all of this came and went. Everything seemed to move very quickly as soon as I became aware of something it moved on. I didn’t mind any of this, I just let it happen, sitting quietly noticing, being at ease. I can see how for some people this would be difficult as with no focus for your mind, you could easily get lost in all of those mind wanderings, but for me after a long time practicing the Koan meditation, where I did have a focus, this feels free, open and enjoyable. Coming out I felt calm and relaxed, my mind feels that it has more space and I even have a little smile on my face as I noticed how this helps to relax my jaw. Feeling gratitude for my practice and how much I have learnt over the last 97 days.