Getting up at 5.30am is no guarantee of peace and quite in out house. It had been raining in the night, so I stayed indoors for my meditation practice today, lighting my candle, sitting on my bolster, starting to notice my breath.

I chose to practice my Fusho meditation today, just noticing anything that arose, letting whatever was there rise and pass. The usual thoughts planning, organising, going over past things came into my mind, but they didn’t worry me. Then my partner got up for work and my daughter got up and started to play, there was lots of noise going up and down the stairs and in and out of the bedroom where I was practicing, but I used this as a reminder to stay in the present moment, embracing whatever was happening at the time. This movement stopped my thinking mind and brought me back to the here and now, so I just noticed the sounds and continued on. When everything went quiet I noticed my breath, how my body felt, any thoughts that arose and just sat quietly with all of it. I could feel my body sinking down relaxing, feeling heavy and warm, then I noticed how my tongue was pressing on the roof of my mouth and the tightness of my jaw, so I relaxed my tongue, softened my jaw and started to smile to myself, feeling the tension slip away.

There were moments of discomfort, so I moved slightly, I had moments of being aware of my thoughts, of being aware of sensations in the body, moments of noticing sounds and my breath, just being aware of anything that was happening. My breath at times felt like it was filling my body, my body expanding and relaxing with my breath, sometimes I felt like my breath was flowing in through my crown down to my belly, connecting to the universe above and grounding down into the earth. Many things happened during this time of sitting in stillness, but I just watched and noticed. At the end I moved, stretch my legs and came to lay down for a few moments, smiling to myself, feeling peaceful and calm, knowing that behind all of these thoughts and sensations is my true self. I finished by feeling a deep sense of gratitude for my practice and being thankful for freedom from pain, freedom from anxiety, for peace and tranquility and for connecting to the wide expanse of the universe.