Getting up at 6am, I thought I would go outside so that I wouldn’t be interrupted, although part of me wanted to stay indoors wrapped up in the warm. It was another windy morning, the wind blowing my hair across my face, but at least I didn’t feel as cold today.

As I sat wrapped in my blanket ready to practice, I spent a few minutes just following my breath, noticing the in and out of my breath, not trying to do anything or practice anything in particular. I thought about starting my Koan question, but I was surprised to find that I really didn’t feel like it or need to today. After yesterdays realisation that I had already found my true self, I suddenly no longer feel the need to use the Koan question. This question has been with me every day for 94 days and automatically came up every time I sat to practice, but today it didn’t. I was quite happy without it, so instead I practiced the Fusho or Unborn Meditation, where I just sat with whatever arose, with no particular focus, just being. I noticed my thoughts, the sounds of the birds, the wind blowing, sensations in my body, emotions, memories from the past, all sorts of things came and went, but I didn’t hold on to anything, I just sat open and free watching as things arose and passed. This felt quite liberating, just being with whatever was there, not holding on to anything, just noticing. I felt that by practicing this way I had created space in my mind. A chance to sit and just be with whatever arose is the perfect antidote to a busy mind. I didn’t want this feeling to be just here in my meditation practice, I wanted to be able to take this with me through my day, so at the end I sat with my eyes open and continued to allow things to arise and pass. I hope that as I notice my thoughts and worries taking over during my day, I will bring myself back to this place of space and freedom.