Up early this morning, feeling alert and awake, it was sunny outside, so I took my cushions and blankets and sat with my cup of tea, looking at the changing state of the garden, where there always seems to be something new.

As I settled into place wrapped in my blanket, a very cool breeze started to blow and I could feel the chill on the parts of me not inside the blanket. Inside the blanket I felt ok, so I started my Koan question, “Who am I?” following my breath, being with my question and feeling into my body. My mind was filled with thoughts coming and going, always trying to resolve problems, work things out or plan. Part of me feels frustrated by this and another part just lets is all come and go, I just needed to tap in to the part of me that was happy to let those thoughts rise and fall. As I did this, I could feel my body relaxed down letting go. Today the cool wind was distracting me as it was making me feel cold and it kept blowing my hair across my face, so I found it very difficult to rest down and sink into my meditation, I didn’t go very deep at all today, just very aware and alert the whole time. Sometimes opening my eyes, so that thoughts didn’t take over and sometimes closing my eyes as I asked my question. After a while the question just slipped away and I became too cold to stay outside, so my meditation practice finished quite early. I didn’t feel like much happened at all, no sparks of insight, no deep feelings, no particular sensations, but I was very aware and mindful of the things around me, my thoughts, my body and how I was feeling the whole time, so I have at least continued to develop my mindfulness today.