Getting up this morning I was tired and lacking in energy, my daughter got up at 6am and started playing very loudly, which woke me up. Deciding the best place to get some peace and quite to meditate was outside, I gathered my cushions and went outside.

It’s been a while since I’ve sat outside, so although I was feeling lethargic, sitting in the warm sunshine and getting some fresh air was quite nice. I closed my eyes and went straight into my Koan practice. I felt myself instantly relaxing down, sinking into the floor, I noticed thoughts and sensations, but continued with my question. As I sank into my meditation practice, I still felt very alert and aware, however when my daughter came out to ask me a question, I could barely speak or respond, I seemed to have gone very deep and found it difficult to come out. She went back inside and I continued feeling the warmth of the sun, the cool fresh air and the sounds of nature all around me. I realised that I have become a little disconnected with myself and everything around me, so I started to embrace everything again and felt like I had begun to re-connect. As I connected with myself again, worries and thoughts came into my mind triggering those butterfly feelings in my belly, which can lead to anxiety. So I let go of the thoughts and just focussed on the sensations in the body, letting those feelings be there, feeling the warmth of the sun fill the area, releasing any tightness, tension or anxiety. Feeling more relaxed, sinking deeper into my meditation practice, I thanked the sounds of nature for reminding me to stay present, connected and aware. Perhaps spending more time outside will help me feel more connected, balanced, positive and full of gratitude. Once the 100 days is finished, instead of writing a blog, I am going to write in my gratitude journal every day and start developing an attitude of gratitude! Today I am grateful for the lovely warm sun, the fresh morning air and the chance to re-connect within my meditation practice. Arigato (Thank you)