Sitting down to practice today was so much better after a good night’s sleep. I came and settled onto my bolster, relaxed, calm and happy, ready to start my Koan meditation.

As usual I settled into my sitting position, followed my breath and started asking my question. This is an automatic response after practicing for so long. Just like cleaning my teeth, making a cup of tea or getting dressed, this is now part of my morning routine. So although yesterday wasn’t quite the same, I brought the Koan question into my day instead, whenever I was walking or sitting quietly noticing my breath, I asked the question. Today is a new day and a new experience, so I explored what was happening for me right now. The usual thoughts came flooding in planning future events or worrying about things, coming up with ideas, I almost got involved with some of these thoughts, but I reminded myself, I am not these thoughts and watched as if from a distance the comings and goings of my mind. This was the main distraction today, my body felt a little achey and tight in the stomach after yesterday, but these didn’t bother me, I noticed and moved on. Sounds came to my attention, but again these didn’t distract me, I just returned to my breath in my belly and my Koan question. Each time I did this, I could feel my body sinking down, becoming warm, heavy and relaxed, my mind settling becoming less busy. I reflected on the fact that some days I am unable to shift the busy thoughts and the emotions related to them, then other days they just pass by me unnoticed. The difference is, now that I have been practicing mindfulness for some time, I don’t judge these experiences as good or bad, they are just what is happening in that moment. Some moments I enjoy, others I don’t, but it doesn’t matter, each moment moves and changes anyway, so even if I have a day that doesn’t seem to be good, I can move on easily and look at the next moment, exploring, observing and being.