I got up at 6.30am hoping this would give me plenty of time, but my daughter was already up and as I don’t have a car today, I needed to be ready earlier than normal, even though time was limited I still managed to fit in my meditation practice.

Still half asleep, I saw that it was a beautiful day outside, however to save time, I sat on my bolster in my room and made a start. I knew I wouldn’t have as much time today, so that was on my mind a little, but some practice is better than none, so I carried on. Following my breath, feeling my breath in my belly and starting to ask my Koan question. I did feel really tired and not completely awake, but thoughts still popped up in my mind, normally I just let them go and carry on, but today as a list of jobs came up, I just quickly made a note of them and carried on. Usually I tell myself I will remember them later, but I never do, so things get missed. This didn’t distract me, I just went straight back in to my meditation, breathing deep down into my belly, asking my question. I could feel myself sinking down, becoming warm heavy and relaxed, thoughts drifted off and I just sat resting, feeling calm and soft. I knew I had to come out and get on with my day, so I thought I would continue my question in the shower. However once I was there I didn’t feel like asking my question, so instead I stayed mindful, just enjoying the feeling of the lovely hot water and the softness of the shampoo and body wash, really enjoying being in the moment. This is one way to bring my mindful meditation into every day life and I carried on this way as I ironed my clothes and made my breakfast, very mindful of each moment, just being with whatever I was doing. A pretty good start to my day.