Waking up to a windy wet day, I opened the curtains and sat in a chair for my meditation practice, I still wanted to see outside even if I couldn’t sit out there today. The weather is a lot like our thoughts continuously changing and adapting.

Getting comfortable with blankets and cushions, finding a nice sitting position, I sat following my breath for a while and slipped naturally in to my Koan question without effort. Today my mind was filled with thoughts planning for the future, so I took my awareness to my breath in my belly and tried to focus my mind. The thoughts still kept coming, so I went back to breathing in to the belly and breathing out imagining my breath flowing down my legs to my feet. I could feel a tingling sensation in my feet and a warmth starting to fill my body, I started to relax, although thoughts still filled my mind. Each time a thought took over I went back to breathing in the lower body. After a while as the thoughts continued to flow, I imagined my breath and a white light flowing in through the crown, down to my Hara (belly) and then down my legs and out through my feet. As this light flowed in through the top of my head I imagined the light soothing away all my thoughts, letting myself soften and let go. I could feel myself relaxing down, letting go and just being with my question. As I let go I felt as if swirling lights flowed around my body, bringing me back to where I should be, relaxed, happy and fulfilled. Coming out moving and stretching I felt ready for my day ahead, alert, awake and energised.