Another night full of dreams, waking up feeling sleepy, it looked like a nice morning and I almost went to sit outside, but in my sleepy state I didn’t feel like dragging out all my cushions and blankets, so I opened a window to let the outside in and sat on my bolster inside.

Sitting following my breath, just resting into place, I noticed one thought leading to another taking me on a random journey somewhere, so I made a start on my Koan question to focus my mind. Surprisingly lots of thoughts were filling my mind, planning future events and listing all the jobs I need to do, so I took my awareness back to my breath, noticing my breath in my belly, feeling the rise and fall of the breath. Sometimes I lost concentration and went back into thoughts and I had to keep returning to my breath, so to help me stay grounded and connected with my body, I took a breath in filling my belly with air and as I exhaled I imagined my breath flowing down my legs into my feet. I continued asking my question, although sometimes I asked the question on both breaths or just the in breath, so I had to keep refocussing on my meditation. I noticed how my body was sinking down, softening, relaxing, heavy and warm. After a while I started to imagine my breath flowing in through my crown, down into my belly or Hara, then breathing out flowing down through the legs, this deepened the feeling of grounding down into the earth and that warm heavy feeling. I then decided to let go of directing my meditation and just sit with my Koan question, my breath and the question became very slow and soft until the question drifted away and I just sat with the feeling of lightness in the upper body, heavy and relaxed in the lower body. Feeling calm and centred, I started to move and stretch, resting down on my bolster for the last few minutes.