Getting up a bit later than normal, I was still in a dream like state to start with as I had been filled with dreams in the night. I made my tea, lit my candle and sat in a chair today.

As I sat images from my dreams filled my mind and thoughts started to flow. I followed my breath deep down in to my belly as asked my question. I realised that dreaming meant that I was all in my mind and not in my body, so as I followed my breath down into my body, I became more and more aware of my body, taking that awareness all the way down to my feet, planting them flat into the floor. This was a great way to bring myself back to the present moment, every time I drifted off into thoughts, I felt into my body and down to my feet. With each breath allowing my body to sink down into the floor. My legs and hands felt heavier and heavier, I felt more connected to my body and although there were still some thoughts, this grounding down helped to reduce the thoughts and let go of tension. My upper body feeling lighter and freer as I let go of tension and let go of thoughts. I noticed that I was beginning to feel warmer and warmer, my hands resting in my lap and my legs and feet feeling warm and cosy, this feeling rose up into my body and I began to feel a warmth in my chest. I felt the whole of my chest becoming lighter and I felt as if a bright white light filled and surrounded my chest, seeing images of butterflies and angels behind my closed eyes, I felt a sense of unconditional love. My whole body felt lighter and lighter as if I was being lifted up, feeling open and free. I knew in the back of my mind I couldn’t stay in my meditation as I had to get on with my day, but I really didn’t want to come out, as I sat with this feeling of lightness and freedom, I felt the light in and around my chest become smaller until it was just a ball of light inside my chest. My body sinking back down to the earth feeling my feet resting back to the floor, body becoming heavy once again. I sat with this lovely feeling for a little while after, feeling very grateful for the experience.