Waking up this morning I didn’t know where I was or what day it was, I had been dreaming about things which left me feeling worried, so I was all a little bit confused. I needed my morning cup of tea and the refreshing morning air to help wake me up. Setting up my bolsters and cushions outside, I sat ready for my meditation practice.

Sitting for a moment, drinking my tea and noticing my breath, just giving myself time to settle. I didn’t pay much attention to the garden, but I did enjoy feeling the cool morning air on my skin and in my breath. Closing my eyes, feeling my breath in my belly, I started asking my Koan question. So many thoughts came flooding in today, but I thought that as I practiced these would start to reduce and I may find a deep sense of inner peace. However that wasn’t going to happen today, the thoughts kept coming and coming and I began to feel frustrated that I couldn’t focus on my meditation or take myself deeper within. I decided I needed to embrace my thoughts and accept them as part of me, so rather than trying to push them away, I opened the door to let them in. The next distraction was sounds, traffic noise, neighbours starting their day, but most distracting of all was a pigeon sat right next to me cooing away. I didn’t like the sound, I found it upsetting for some reason, so again I chose to embrace all the sounds around me and once I did this, I felt ok again. I was then left with this feeling of nervousness within, taking my awareness to the butterfly feeling in my belly, I sat and noticed for a while, still asking my question. I had a feeling that I just wanted to get up and finish and leave this meditation, I didn’t really know why I was feeling this way, but I just sat noticing these sensations. Towards the end the sun came out warming my body and calming my mind, I felt brighter within and I was pleased to have finished with a positive feeling.