Getting up this morning, I chose to go outside as I didn’t have a quiet space indoors to practice. I took my bolster, cushions and blankets outside and sat behind a Japanese Maple, so that I couldn’t see the whole garden and get distracted by everything around me.

However as I sat looking at the beautiful colours and light dancing around the Japanese Maple, I was distracted by this and the memories that were triggered by the lovely tree in front of me. It took me about 10 minutes to release this connection and start to focus on my breathing. Closing my eyes, I slipped easily into my Koan question, with my awareness on the breath in my belly, I took my question deep down within. Thoughts and memories continued to float through my mind, but taking my awareness deep down inside helped to keep me focussed. My body felt very comfortable supported by my bolster and cushions, the sun and my blankets keeping me very warm. I could feel my body sinking down into the earth, becoming heavy and relaxed. As I continued, little footsteps came closer and a little voice, my daughter wanting a hug, she asked a question and went back inside to play. I found it very easy to slip back into a deep meditation afterwards, although I was very aware of my neighbours getting up and starting their day. I went back into my meditation focussing deep within, I continued to feel my body sink down and my thoughts drift away, feeling that each time I took a breath and asked my question I would go deeper and deeper. Just then more little footsteps and another question, but I still managed to slip back into my deep meditation practice, just for a few minutes. Becoming aware of needing to move and stretch, I started to stretch my body and gently come out, I think I have been able to go deeper into my meditation than before as I am no longer in pain and I can sit comfortably for a lot longer than before. I have also chosen to keep my awareness deep within rather than looking outside of myself. Even with distractions I felt deeply relaxed, calm and connected with myself.