Coping with anxiety

In my experience anxiety or worry over an event or situation is very different to suffering from a permanent state of anxiety. To suffer from anxiety is to feel in a constant state of fear, a bit like the feeling when someone makes you jump and your stomach jumps up to your throat, except that this feeling doesn’t go away, but stays in the body making you feel on edge all of the time. […]

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Upcoming sessions

I have a few places left on my upcoming sessions in Ryde and further afield. Session are ‘Yoga to relax’, a combination of yoga stretches, breathing exercises, meditation and deep relaxation, ‘Meditation and Relaxation workshops’, focusing on the breath, mindfulness practice, visualisations, guided meditations and ‘Reiki Training’, First Degree, Second Degree and Masters available. […]

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Reiki 1st Degree – Okuden

I’ve started my Reiki master classes (1st, 2nd and master levels). If you are interested in a one-to-one session, or would like to find out more about Reiki please get in contact – 07813 918950|anne@createharmony.co.uk […]

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