Day 94 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

My daughter got up at 5.30am and my partner’s alarm clock was going off, so in order to have a quiet space to practice I went outside. I wasn’t all that keen as it was cold and windy, but I thought I would give it a go anyway. […]

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Day 93 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Up early this morning, feeling alert and awake, it was sunny outside, so I took my cushions and blankets and sat with my cup of tea, looking at the changing state of the garden, where there always seems to be something new. […]

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Day 92 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up very early this morning and felt awake and ready to practice my meditation for the first time in a while. It was a beautiful morning, so I took my bolster and blankets outside and sat in the garden. […]

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Day 91 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

My daughter was the first one up again this morning, all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready for the day, I haven’t felt like that for a while. I used to be a morning person and love the mornings, but recently I have found it a challenge to get out of bed and start my meditation practice. […]

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Day 90 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Getting up this morning I was tired and lacking in energy, my daughter got up at 6am and started playing very loudly, which woke me up. Deciding the best place to get some peace and quite to meditate was outside, I gathered my cushions and went outside. […]

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Day 89 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Sitting down to practice today was so much better after a good night’s sleep. I came and settled onto my bolster, relaxed, calm and happy, ready to start my Koan meditation. […]

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Day 88 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Today I was unable to practice my meditation as normal, but I managed to do it in other ways. I practice my meditation every night as well, so last night I sat on my bolster to practice and I had a sudden rush of anxiety and found it very difficult to stay there. I changed positions laying on the bed with my legs up the wall to help me feel more relaxed and continued from there. […]

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Day 87 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up at 6.30am hoping this would give me plenty of time, but my daughter was already up and as I don’t have a car today, I needed to be ready earlier than normal, even though time was limited I still managed to fit in my meditation practice. […]

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Day 86 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Waking up to a windy wet day, I opened the curtains and sat in a chair for my meditation practice, I still wanted to see outside even if I couldn’t sit out there today. The weather is a lot like our thoughts continuously changing and adapting. […]

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Day 85 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Another night full of dreams, waking up feeling sleepy, it looked like a nice morning and I almost went to sit outside, but in my sleepy state I didn’t feel like dragging out all my cushions and blankets, so I opened a window to let the outside in and sat on my bolster inside. […]

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