About Anne

My spiritual journey started when I discovered a local yoga class and through this I found new friends and developed a deeper interest in spirituality. I've been training for over 24 years in many disciplines, from Hatha Yoga to Zen Yoga, to traditional Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki to Zen Mindfulness and Meditation.

Day 73 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

It was another bright beautiful morning and I felt so pleased to be able to go in the garden again to day. Sitting down to practice, I spent a few moments looking at the wonderful colours, sights and sounds around me. […]

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Day 72 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

Waking up early with thoughts and worries on my mind and the feelings of nervousness and anxiety, I went outside with my blanket and felt relieved that it was a beautiful morning and I was able to practice outside again. […]

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Day 71 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I felt very tired this morning and didn’t want to get up, looking outside it was a windy wet day, so I went and sat on my bolster in my room. It is the first time in a while that I have been able to sit kneeling over my bolster, so I felt relieved I could do it. […]

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Day 70 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I woke up very early, still with some aches and pains, so I chose to practice the body scan meditation before even getting up, taking my awareness to each part of the body, being aware of how it felt. […]

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Day 69 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I slept in today after finally getting some relief from the pain I have been experiencing, so I got up later than usual. I knew that if I practiced inside, it wouldn’t be long before someone got up and interrupted me, so I went and sat outside. […]

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Day 68 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up extremely early this morning as I was unable to sleep due to the pain in my leg. I had a chiropractic treatment yesterday, so my body is feeling a bit delicate. Coming to sit in a chair, with lots of cushions for support, I lit my candle and settled down to practice. […]

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Day 67 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I didn’t feel like getting up again this morning, but I knew I would feel better once I started meditating. It wasn’t a great day for being outdoors, so I sat inside, lit my candles and started following my breath. […]

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Day 66 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I felt tired this morning and didn’t really want to get up, but seeing it was a beautiful morning, I went outside and sat in a chair with my blanket and a cup of tea. I soon felt a great sense of relief and joy at being outside on such a wonderful morning, the bright green leaves lit up by the sunlight, birds singing and the garden full of life. […]

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Day 65 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up a bit later this morning as I hadn’t slept well, due to this pain in my leg, which I am now thinking is a trapped nerve. This is preventing me sitting crossed legged or kneeling on the floor, so I need a chair at the moment. I looked outside and saw it was a lovely morning, so I took a chair, blanket and cushions outside to practice. […]

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Day 64 of 100 days of Mindfulness Meditation

I got up early and started my meditation at 5.30am in the hope I wouldn’t be distracted, however my body and mind had other ideas and I was distracted anyway. […]

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